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Balloon Festival Tannheimer Tal 2024

Tannheimer Tal, Ballonfestival,

The balloon festival in the Tannheimer Tal looks back on over 25 years of tradition, but the first manned balloon flight dates back even further, taking place on 21 November 1783 and lasting just 25 minutes.

This year marks the 27th edition of the festival in the Tannheimer Tal in Tyrol. From 7 to 27 January, 61 teams will release the colourful balloons in Tannheim every day between 10.30 am and noon.

Flight pooling opportunities at the balloon festival in Tannheim

Flightpooling opportunities at the Balloon Festival in Tannheim are available for the adventurous. For 290 euros, balloonists take guests on an impressive flight over the breathtaking scenery of Tyrol and the Allgäu. Registration takes place via the Tannheim tourist information office and further information can be obtained by calling the organisation team led by Rudi Höfer (+43 (676) 9 49 02 50).

On the morning of the balloon flight, you meet at 10.30 am to meet the assigned pilot. Further information is available on the organisers’ website.

Ballonfestival, Tannheimer Tal
The pilots and their guests taking off

The balloon glow in the Tannheimer Tal

The balloon glow in the Tannheimer Tal is a special highlight of the festival. Weather permitting, this romantic event takes place every Tuesday from 8 pm.

We recently visited the balloon glow in Grän, the first of this year’s festival. The first teams began their preparations at 7 pm and the mulled wine stand opened its doors. Wrapped up warm, the spectators waited for this extraordinary event and watched the team members in the icy cold as they filled the balloons with hot air.

The show began shortly after 8pm. Against the black night sky, the balloons lit up in synchronisation with the music and the spectators stood in awe. This unique experience lasted around 45 minutes and ended with the climax, the balloon waltz. The glowing balloons spun, and some spectators were inspired by the music and danced along.

The other dates for the balloon glow during the festival:

16.1.2024 in Nesselwängel

23.1.2024 in Jungholz

Ballonglühen, Tannheimer Tal, Ballonfestival
Romantic highlight of the Balloon Festival
Ballonglühen, Tannheimer Tal, Österreich
Ballonglühen, Tannheimer Tal, Ballonfestival


In conclusion, the balloon festival in the Tannheimer Tal offers a fascinating experience that can be perfectly combined with a visit to the charming communities of Tannheim and Grän, a relaxing walk through the enchanting winter landscape or an extended cross-country skiing tour.

Particularly noteworthy is the romantic balloon glow, an absolute must for all visitors. This unique event not only promises top-class visual impressions, but also an unrivalled atmosphere that captivates everyone. The balloon glow is undoubtedly a highlight that should not be missed. It rounds off the overall experience of the balloon festival in the Tannheimer Tal in a unique and unforgettable way.

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