Bloubergstrand, South Africa

Bloubergstrand: Meet Suzanne Williams, a long-standing resident from Bloubergstrand

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Suzanne is a successful entrepreneur, a mom of three boys, and a socialite.  She has lived in Cape Town most of her life, and Petra met her for a coffee to get some insider tips about Bloubergstrand and surrounding areas.  Suzanne lived in Melkbosstrand until 2001 and moved to Bloubergstrand in 2017.

Where is Bloubergstrand located?

Bloubergstrand is an idyllic suburb of Cape Town, about 15 kilometres north of Cape Town city centre, on the shores of Table Bay.  

In the early days, Bloubergstrand was a fishing village and an unknown holiday resort mostly used by farmers living inland.  Since then, it has developed into a sought-after residential area and a kite surfer’s paradise due to its many amenities nearby.  It has great restaurants, cafés, large shopping centres, highly-rated schools, and unique leisure facilities.  

Moreover, the rental and house prices are still moderate in contrast to the trendy districts of Cape Town, such as Seapoint, Fresnaye and Camps Bay area

From Bloubergstrand, Cape Town is less than half an hour away by car, but this can quickly become an hour or more during rush hour.  Nevertheless, reliable and safe bus services are available from Bloubergstrand to Cape Town.

Bloubergstrand, South Africa
Bloubergstrand, South Africa

10 Questions for a Blouberstrand Insider

What makes you an expert on Bloubergstrand and surrounding areas?

I have lived here for five years and in the larger surrounding area, Melkbosstrand, since 2001.  Not only did my children attend school in this area, thus enabling me to meet many interesting people, but I also participated in golf, a very social sport, allowing me to stay in touch with what is hot and what’s not.

Suzanne at the seafront in Bloubergstrand

If you had to describe Blouberstrand in three words, what would they be?

As the name suggests: blue, mountain, and beach; I would also add the word ‘relaxed’. These words best describe Bloubergstrand to me.  

Blue represents the colour of the ocean and the clear blue sky on a beautiful day.

People are drawn to things that are bigger than they are. Mountains are more powerful and omnipresent than humans, and I guess humans want a reminder of nature’s power. The San and Koi people called Table Mountain “Hoerikwagga”, meaning mountain in the sea. The mountain was sacred for these people, who believed their supreme God, Tui//Goab, wandered here.

I love the beach! It is one of the many reasons I live in Cape Town. We have unspoiled white, soft, sandy beaches in Bloubergstrand, more beautiful than many Greek islands.

Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand
View of Table Mountain from the beach
A perfect beach day in Bloubergstrand

Why should people visit Bloubergstrand?

We not only have the best view of Table Mountain but there are also many quaint cafes and restaurants along the beach promenade.  The promenade is one of the best places for long walks or bike rides, from Dolphin Beach to Eden on the Bay, to enjoy the most amazing sea views.  After sunset, you can admire unprecedented views of Cape Town’s skyline and watch the flicker of lights on the opposite side of the bay.

Bloubergstrand , Südafrika
One of the Places to enjoy a coffee with a view

What makes Bloubergstrand so unique that it is worth a visit?

A beautiful blue sky with hundreds of kites, white waves, turquoise sea, endless long sandy beaches and the best view of the legendary Table mountain.

Kite Surfers at Bloubergstrand, South Africa
Kite Surfer with Table Mountain in the background

What is in Bloubergstrand that you can not find anywhere else in South Africa?

You will not experience a sunset or sunrise in South Africa like in Bloubergstrand. There are several benches along the promenade to enjoy unobstructed views of our ‘Mother City’ between the blue ocean and the famous Table Mountain from sunrise to sunset.

Sunset at Bloubergstrand
One of Bloubergstrands beautiful sunsets

What is a must-see attraction in Bloubergstrand?

A visit to Blouberg is incomplete without a visit to the Blue Peter Hotel and Restaurant. If you want to mingle with the locals, this is the place to be! The restaurant has rolling green lawns almost right to the water’s edge. Here you can enjoy the best views of Table Mountain and Robben Island, while sipping on a cocktail or ice-cold beer. Make sure you arrive just before sunset to get the best spot.

Blue Peter, Bloubergstrand
Petra meeting with Suzanne at Blue Peter

What is the craziest activity you can do in Bloubergstrand?

Bloubergstrand is the mecca for kite surfers, so I would suggest taking a lesson in kite surfing. Bloubergstrand offers kitesurfers everything their heart desires, from flat water to large waves and great wind.  Every year, 18 of the world’s best kite surfers compete at Bloubergstrand in the “Red Bull King of the Air”. This is an event not to be missed.

Kite surfer at Bloubergstrand
Kite surfer at Bloubergstrand

Where are your favourite restaurants in Bloubergstrand?

One of my favourite restaurants is Catch 22, a fish and sushi restaurant.  I am a big sushi fan and love theirs in particular.  Fat Cactus at Eden on the Bay restaurant is also among my favourites. I enjoy spending time with my partner and relaxing on the terrace overlooking Big Bay, eating tacos and sipping delicious frozen margaritas.  Some days I’m drawn to Trecastelli, a little Italian gem in the heart of Bloubergstrand.  This restaurant creates an idyllic Italian atmosphere offering mouth-watering pastries and the most delicious pizzas. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy a true Italian feast with friends and family.

Bloubergstrand Restaurant
The Trecastellin and Catch 22

Where can you get the best breakfast in Bloubergstrand?

I don’t go out much for breakfast, but I enjoy Morgan’s Coffee and Deli on the odd occasion.  It is a tiny but cosy café, perfect for having a good latte and a small breakfast after my morning walk on the beach.

Morgan's Café

When is the best time to visit Bloubergstrand?

My favourite month in Bloubergstrand is March because it’s still quite warm but less windy than in December or January, keeping in mind this is only true if you are not a kitesurfer.

Beach at Bloubergstrand
Beach at Bloubergstrand with the view of Table Mountain


Getting first-hand info from a Blouberger on where to go and what to experience has been such a pleasure. Soon we will have our resident Blouberger when Petra takes ownership of her apartment in Bloubergstrand towards the end of the year. Keep following our blog and Instagram page for beautiful content about Bloubergstrand and surrounding areas.

Springtime at the Westcoast, South Africa
Spring at the Westcoast


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