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Christmas Lights in garden
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Christmas lights 2023: Best venues in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Discover the magic of Christmas in and around Pretoria with our ultimate guide to the most enchanting holiday events. Experience awe-inspiring Christmas lights displays at the Johannesburg Zoo’s Festival of Lights, marvel at the magical festivities at the Jacaranda Liggie Fees, or step into a Christmas wonderland at Kersliggies Oppi-Plaas. Don’t miss out on the joyous decorations that light up Lawley Street, a beloved tradition in the community. Join us as we celebrate the season of togetherness and create unforgettable memories. Click here to read more!

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Split, Croatia: The secret to enjoying a family holiday

Split, Croatia: The secret to enjoying a family holiday What’s your favourite place? I don’t have a favourite place. I have favourite people. And whenever I’m with my favourite people, it becomes my favourite place. The red tile roofs of Split, Croatia Why visit Split, Croatia? A family holiday once a year has always been …