The most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany

For many people, Advent (the four Sundays and weeks before Christmas) is one of the most beautiful times of the year. In this article, Petra shares information about some of the most beautiful markets in Germany. For example, when they start, where you can find them and what they are about

Monaco-What to know before you go

Petra has spend countless holidays in Monaco and knows her way well around it. In this article, she provides valuable tips on how to get there, the best places to visit and favourite restaurants.

What to see in Monaco

In this article, Petra introduces you to her best sites to visit in Monaco. She provides valuable tips and tricks to enjoy Monaco at its fullest.

Three reasons to visit Monschau, Germany

The medieval town of Monschau is known for its unique half-timbered frame houses, mustard mill and red house (home of Johann Scheibler the master textile manufacturer of the 18th century). Read Petra's blog this week in which she gives you her three reasons to explore this unique town.

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