A bungalow at Crocodile Bridge Camp in Kruger

Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

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Crocodile Bridge Entrance Gate
Crocodile Bridge Camp Entrance

We have written several articles about the Kruger National Park, “Where to stay in the Kruger National Park”, “What to know before planning a trip to the Kruger National Park”, “Is it worth visiting the Kruger National Park”, and “How to do a self-drive from Johannesburg to Kruger”. 

Our readers requested in-depth articles about each of the Kruger rest camps. Crocodile Bridge is the first in our new series about the Kruger National Park rest camps. 

Where is Crocodile Bridge Camp?

Crocodile Bridge Camp is situated in the southeastern corner of the Kruger National Park, on the northern bank of the Crocodile River. The Crocodile Bridge entrance gate is next to the rest camp. Thus, check-in is completed at the entrance gate. The rest camp is 13km from Komatipoort, which is the nearest town.

Read about the most popular routes near the camp.

The main entrance gate check-in at Crocodile Bridge

Advantages of staying at Crocodile Bridge Camp

Disadvantages of staying at Crocodile Bridge Camp

Type of accommodation available at Crocodile Bridge Camp

Rest camp bungalows

There are 18 bungalows (mostly fitted with three single beds). Two units are wheelchair-friendly (unit numbers 17 and 18). Note the base rate covers one to two adults. These units have an en-suite bathroom (only shower), an air conditioner, an outside large fridge, and a full kitchen with all the necessary equipment, such as a hotplate, microwave, sink, cutlery, plates, pots, and pans. All linen and towels are supplied. The units have open patios with riverside (unit numbers 1 to 9) or perimeter (unit numbers 9 to 16) views. Units 19 and 20 have no views.

Bungalow codes on the Kruger National Park booking website:

Bungalow (BD3): 3 single beds, air-conditioned, fridge, hotplate, sink, utensils, bathroom with shower, no smoking allowed in units.

Bungalow (BD2Z): 2 single beds, air-conditioned, fridge, hotplate, sink, unit accessible to the mobility challenged, utensils, bathroom with shower, no smoking allowed in units.

A Bungalow At Crocodile Bridge Rest camp
Thatched bungalows at Crocodile Bridge rest camp
Bungalows number 1 and 2 at Crocodile Bridge rest Camp
The patio Kitchen of a bungalow
A three-bed unit at Crocodile Bridge rest Camp
The braai facilities of bungalow number 1 at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp
The fridge on the patio of the bungalow

Safari tents

There are eight permanently furnished safari canvas tents. Tents numbers 7 and 8 are located on the perimeter. The tents are basic, with fans, a veranda, and braai facilities. The tents make use of communal ablution and kitchen facilities. 

Safari tent codes on the Kruger National Park booking website:

Safari Tent (CTT2): Two single beds, communal ablutions, communal kitchen, fan, fridge, no smoking.

Safari Tent (CTT2Z): Two single beds, communal ablutions, communal kitchen, fan, fridge, no smoking, unit accessible to the mobility challenged.

Safari tent at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp
Safari tent at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp


There are 20 campsites with power points. The sites are small, and none of the sites have grass. Thus, you camp on the sand in nature. The communal ablutions are mostly clean, basic, and within easy reach of all camping spots. The sites are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis which doesn’t allow you to book a particular spot. Some of the sites have perimeter views. This is the prime position as Hyenas parade the fences at night. 

Although check-in time is at 14:00, some camps might allow you to start putting up camp a bit earlier. Vacating time is at 10:00, but these rules are not strictly enforced, particularly during the off-season.  

Campsite codes on the Kruger National Park booking website:

Camp Site (CK6P): Extra vehicles are charged a fee per night; PowerPoint; communal ablutions and kitchen facilities.

Source: Sanparks.org Crocodile Bridge Camp Layout


Safari activities

The camp offers sunrise, sunset, night drives, and morning and afternoon bush walks. Sunrise and sunset drives (three hours) cost R383.80 (18.90 euros) per adult and R191 (9.26 euros) per child over six years. Night drives (two hours) cost R292.90 (14.19 euros) per adult and R146.45 (7.10 euros) per child over six years. No children under six years are allowed on game drives. Bush walks cost R656.50 (31.81 euros) per adult. The walk takes three hours (no children under 12 permitted). (updated 30/06/2023)

Most popular routes

The H-4 from Crocodile Bridge Camp to Lower Sabie Camp (about 34 km) is very popular for the big five, particularly large breeding herds of elephants, wild dogs, and cheetahs.

Nearest entrance gate to Crocodile Bridge Camp

Crocodile bridge gate

Best picnic spots near Crocodile Bridge camp

  • The closest picnic spot is Mlondozi on the hill crest. It overlooks Mlondozi Dam, Muntshe Mountain range and the surrounding game plains. It is a very small picnic spot with some tables, chairs, and roofing in poor condition (not one of our favourites). The picnic site has a large thatched shelter which is great in summer.
  • We prefer Nkuhlu picnic site past Lower Sabie Camp, which offers spectacular river views, a great shop, a restaurant, and sufficient cooking facilities.
Nkuhlu picnic site
Mlondozi picnic spot


  • Remember to wear a warm jacket for game drives, no matter the season. For bushwalks wear closed shoes, natural coloured clothing, and a hat. Water and a snack pack will be provided. There are no ablution facilities for any safari activities. 

Contact details

For bookings contact: +27 (0) 13 735 6012

Address: Off the R571, Kruger National Park, Komatipoort, 1350, Mpumalanga

Camp telephone number: +27 (0) 13 735 6012

Camp mobile number: 082 801 9898

Email: Reservations@sanparks.org

Website: Sanpark.org

Guided tours to the Kruger National Park

If you do not feel comfortable doing a self-drive trip to Kruger, we can highly recommend the following tour companies:

Warren Deysel, is an award-winning tour guide (Safari Guide of The Year 2023 – Best Guided Photographic Safari Experience) in the Kruger National Park. Kruger Direct Safaris offers custom-made trips to Kruger including walking tours. You can follow his Instagram page @kruger_direct_safaris, and contact him directly at 079 496 8808, or email him at info@krugerdirect.com

John Finch, is a specialist tour operator in Africa. Besides offering amazing tours to Kruger, he also offers exciting tours to Cape Town. His Instagram name is @johnfinch.travel. John specialises in photographic tours and is situated in Hout Bay, Western Cape. Visit his website for more information. 

Evan Dunstone of Nala Tours organises group tours to some of the best private game reserves in South Africa. Visit their website for more information.

Kruger National Park Camps Map

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