Views of Hvar from the Castle

Hvar, the queen of the Croatian Islands or playpen of the rich and famous?

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With its discreet harbour, Havr is the party island and queen of the Croatian Dalmatian Islands for many A-listers like Prince Harry (during his bachelor days) to George Clooney, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Keira Knightly. Even though big yachts, celebrities and exorbitant price tags are synonymous with secret holiday destinations like Hvar, surprisingly, this was not evident in Hvar. 

I didn’t bump into any well-known celebs, but it may have been because I was totally mesmerised by the beauty and island vibe of Hvar. Its rich history, breathtaking natural scenery, glamorous yet traditional accommodations, and gastronomy make it one of my favourite places in Europe.

For me, the most awe-inspiring thing about Hvar is its fairytale castles and fortresses. The Spanish fort called Fortica can be easily reached on foot, with the charming path starting in the centre of Hvar town. The views from the top of Fortica of the harbour and town are beyond anything I have witnessed recently. From the top of the castle, the turquoise waters appear even more tranquil, and the few yachts below in the harbour remind me of a small port on the coast of Cote D’ Azur. For the content creator in me, nothing says ‘la joie de vivre’ more than historical buildings infused with old-world charm restaurants and alleys. 

The most popular beaches of Hvar are Malo Zarace, Dubovica and Pokonji Dol beach.

The boat trip to the Island of Hvar

How to reach Hvar, Croatia?

Croatia is connected to most of the European cities with regular flights. From Split, there are daily ferries, boats and catamarans servicing Hvar. You can find more information on the Jadrolinija website

You can click on this link for the 2023 daily catamaran schedule to Hvar.

The Catamaran trip is 20 euros per person and 5 euros per person for additional baggage. Once on the island of Hvar, regular bus lines connect the most prominent places.

We took a full-day boat trip from Split to Bol, Carpe Diem, and Havar. We paid 110 Euros per person. This website also provides information about boat trips to Hvar.

The restaurant at the top of the fortress where we enjoyed lunch and a cocktail
Views of Hvar from the Castle
The views of Hvar

Where are the best views in Hvar, Croatia?

I read about the unprecedented panoramic views from the Spanjuletta fortress and wanted to experience this. The path starts to the left of Kroz Grodu Street. It is free to walk up a winding path through pine forests up to a certain point where a small museum that houses a collection of artefacts is found on the beaches around Hvar. Once you reach the fort there is a 10 Euros charge per person. We paid the entrance fee to get even more spectacular views from there. We also enjoyed a refreshing cocktail at the small café next to the museum.

Instead of walking between 10 and 15 minutes to the top of the fortress, you can take a taxi for about 13 euros. It stops right at the entrance of the museum and restaurant.

Pro tip: We suggest you click on this interactive map. 

The magnificent view from the top of the fortress

Where to stay and what to eat on Hvar Island?

I was totally flabbergasted when I googled places to stay in Hvar town to see if there were many options on this small island. To my surprise, more than 158 establishments are listed. Moreover, according to the census of 2021, there are 10,678 residents in Hvar, making it the fourth most populated Croatian Island. 

For the best accommodation and activities recommendations, visit the following website: Visit Hvar Island. Here, you will find 148 activities to do and a selection of 158 accommodations. The activities range from nature and wildlife to beaches, entertainment and party nightlife, exquisite restaurants, shopping, cultural and historical trips, etc.


To easily navigate your way around town, download the Visit Hvar application for the app store.

To read more about Hvar, click on this link.


I highly recommend staying over a night or two (maximum) on Hvar Island, but I don’t believe more than two days are necessary for exploration.

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