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Sights and attractions in and around Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay, called Plett for short, is a popular holiday destination on the Garden Route in South Africa.

It is popular with South Africans and international tourists alike, not least because of its pristine golden beaches, unique climate and breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a temperate climate, breathtaking nature, delicious cuisine, revitalising relaxation for mind and body and activities that guarantee a high adrenaline level, every visitor is guaranteed an unforgettable stay.

In this article, we provide useful tips for your visit to Plett and introduce you to the must-experience attractions.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Südafrika, Keurbooms Lagoon
Keurbooms Lagoon

What you should consider before travelling to Plettenberg

You should definitely travel to Plettenberg by car. Either from Cape Town or with a hire car, which you can hire at George Airport. In the high season, you should book car hire and flights well in advance. You can find out more about driving in South Africa here.

This travel guide can be very helpful when planning your Garden Route trip. If you are visiting South Africa for the first time, these tips will certainly be helpful.

Where is Plettenberg Bay located

Plettenberg Bay is located on the famous Garden Route, about 520 kilometres from Cape Town. It is about 100 km from George Airport, and the Tsitsikamma National Park is less than 30 kilometres away.

The beaches of Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa. The 35 km of picturesque coastline is home to 15 km of pristine, unspoilt sandy beaches.

At the World Travel Awards 2020, Plettenberg Bay won the title of “Africa’s Leading Beach Destination”.

The many beaches in Plettenberg offer very different characteristics. There are lagoon beaches that are particularly suitable for children, but there are also beaches that attract surfers and bodyboarders. Six of the beaches in Plettenberg have been awarded the Blue Flag. These are Robberg 5, Lookout Beach, Keurboomstrand, The Dunes, The Singing Kettle and Nature’s Valley.

Robberg 5, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Südafrika
Bernie enjoying the Blue Flagged Robberg 5 Beach
Central Beach, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Südafrika
Central Beach, Plettenberg Bay
Keurbooms Lagoon, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa , Südafrika
Keurbooms Lagoon

The town centre of Plettenberg Bay

A visit to the centre of Plettenberg Bay is a must. Here, you will find a variety of fascinating boutiques, excellent restaurants and charming cafés. Main Street in Plettenberg is considered the centrepiece of the town, but it is also worth exploring the side streets.

One of these streets, Kloof Street, is home to a unique boutique called “The Old House Shop”. At number 5, the oldest building in Plettenberg, owner Susie Ovenstone presents an impressive selection of clothing, decorative items, furnishings, gifts and much more in lovingly restored premises. Susie has a great sense of style and an eye for the unique, which is reflected in every carefully selected item on offer.

We could have spent the whole day in the Old House Shop and would have loved to buy more. Unfortunately, our suitcases ran out of space.

Susie Ovenstone’s guest house “The Southern Cross Beach House” also reflects her extraordinary style. You can find more details about this accommodation below.

The Old House Shop in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Just a small insight into what the Old House Shop has to offer

The Robberg Nature Reserve

Just 10 kilometres from Plettenberg Bay is the Robberg Nature Reserve, which is particularly popular with hikers and nature lovers. The reserve has three designated hiking routes: 2.1 km, 5.5 km, and 9.2 km.

All routes offer impressive views over the ocean, and with a bit of luck, you may spot dolphins or whales during the hike. Two of the routes take you past a large seal colony, which you can observe from above. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Plettenberg or Knysna?

Many tourists planning their trip along the Garden Route are faced with the decision of whether to spend a few nights in Plettenberg or Knysna. There is no clear answer to this question, as both places have their own charm and advantages.

Knysna is a little more central than Plettenberg Bay and is therefore better suited as a starting point for day trips along the Garden Route. However, those who prefer the beach and swimming are undoubtedly better off in Plettenberg.

Knysna exudes an urban atmosphere, while Plettenberg has more of a seaside resort flavour. We really enjoyed both places and it would be a challenge to choose one of them for our next trip along the Garden Route.

If you would like to find out more about Knysna, you can find our article about the lagoon town here.

Our hotel recommendations in Plettenberg

The Plettenberg Hotel

Our favourite luxury hotel in Plettenberg Bay is the Plettenberg Hotel, which is one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is a world-class hotel offering exceptional services and amenities, including two heated pools with unrivalled ocean views, direct beach access and world-class dining options. It has 37 well-appointed rooms, a glamorous cocktail bar, a fitness centre and a wellness spa.

The Plettenberg Hotel,
View from the lobby of The Plettenberg Hotel
The Plettenberg Hotel pool
View from one of the two pools

The Southern Cross Beach House in Plettenberg

This magnificent boutique hotel offers breathtaking ocean views, six individually decorated rooms and an inviting pool. Originally a private home, The Southern Cross Beach House has now been transformed into a hotel by the stylish Suzie Ovenstone. Mauritian tea plantations inspire the design and offers a glamorous yet inviting ambience.

The Southern Cross Beach House, Plettenberg
The Southern Cross Beach House
Southern Cross Beach House, Plettenberg
Bernie enjoying coffee with Susie Ovenstone, the owner of Southern Cross Beach House
Southern Cross Beach House, Plettenberg
The launch of the Southern Cross Beach House

Our restaurant recommendations in Plettenberg

Restaurant at the Plettenberg Hotel

The in-house restaurant at the Plettenberg Hotel is undoubtedly our first choice. You can expect excellent food in an extremely pleasant atmosphere while enjoying the view of the pool and the ocean. We ate all three meals there and were absolutely thrilled.

The Plettenberg Hotel, Cocktail,
Enjoying cocktails in the Plettenberg Hotel Restaurant

Nguni Restaurant in Plettenberg

The Nguni impresses with its cosy atmosphere, which gives you a homely feeling, as well as its outstanding service and excellent dishes.


Plettenberg Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in South Africa and an absolute must for any traveller. Spending a few days here is more than worthwhile. A true paradise opens up for beach lovers, where sun worshippers get their money’s worth. There is a peaceful holiday atmosphere where you can relax and unwind.

The proximity to Knysna and the Tsitsikamma National Park also makes for easy excursions and adds to the region’s attractive offerings.

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