The ultimate guide to Greek Ferries: Six things you must know before booking a trip

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It has been just short of two years since my first visit to Greece when I visited Santorini, Mykonos and Milos with my husband, Shaun, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

In June 2024, Petra and I did a two-week trip to Greece where we explored Andros, Syros, and Tinos. 

You will never know which island/s is our favourite of the six we have visited thus far. To find out you need to follow our travel blog over the next couple of days as we will be publishing several articles about our incredibly special trip.

At the time of publishing my “Shocking Truth about Greek Ferries article”, I thought we knew everything there is to be known about Greek ferries. To my surprise, Petra and I uncovered many other mysteries about Greek ferries which now makes us experts in booking and taking ferries.

On this trip we took four ferry trips with three different ferry companies to three different islands (Andros, Syros, and Tinos). All of these trips were booked on Ferryhopper.

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This article reveals several discoveries about Greek ferries since my last article: “The shocking truth about Greek ferries” was published. Petra and I travelled between the 20th of June and the 2nd of July with four different ferry companies from Rafina port in Athens to Andros, Syros, Tinos and back to Ravina port.

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The biggest mistake we made with island hopping in Greece

Petra and I regularly do things on impulse and do not think or plan things thoroughly. Therefore, we often find ourselves questioning all the decisions we made during our trip. On the one hand this is a good trait when you travel often. However, it can also cost you a lot of money.

While on our island trip we started making calculations and soon realised that had we booked a rental car from Athens we would have firstly saved a lot of money as rental cars are much cheaper when you collect and deliver them from a major airport. Secondly, we would have also saved because it would count for less days as the rental companies charge full for half days. Thirdly, if you consider the cost to take a car on the ferry (50 euros per trip), we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble by carrying our suitcases on and off the ferries several times. So, before you book your Greek ferry trips, make your calculations to see if this will not be a better option for you too.

We book all our rental cars with Check24.

Pro Tip: Even tough we booked all our ferry trips in advance with the

Ferryhopper  application (available on the Apple or Android) we don‘t believe this is necessary.

You only need to book in advance if you are taking a car on the ferry.

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Travel Buddies genießen die Überfahrt

Why Golden Star Ferry company is the number one name for island hopping

Golden Star Ferries has a fleet of three vessels: Superferry, Andros Queen and Superexpress. 

During our trip with Golden Star Ferries (Superferry) en route to Andros we met a super friendly and helpful front desk operator named Anastasia who not only gave us a full tour of the vessel but also explained to us the workings of Golden Star Ferries that two brothers from Andros own. 

We learned that their Superferries not only serve as a transport service for passengers, but it also plays a significant role in getting the necessary supplies to the islands. Moreover, these ferries also have hospital facilities to transport people to the mainland to get specialised attention. 

Golden Star ferries are pet-friendly and have various sections in the economy class to ensure you have a tranquil experience on board their vessels. For example, there are restaurants, quiet movie sections, table seating and even air seats (lie flat seating that requires pre-booking). The most important thing we learned from Anastasia is that ferries are operated much like aeroplanes. She explained to us that the staff stays on the ferries for a certain period.

Golden Star Ferries aims to make every trip fun and pleasant for their passengers, big and small. Their slow ferries have overnight cabins. Anastasia was very proud to tell us that the captain invites little ones to go up to the bridge to see how the captain and the team steer this majestic vessels to their destinations. We were also afforded the opportunity to meet the captain and his remarkable team.

We now understand that there are six major considerations when booking a ferry to go island hopping in Greece.

Ferry in Greece, first class ferry
Erste Klasse auf der Golden Star Fähre
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Ein Besuch auf der Brücke

The six new uncovered mysteries of Greek ferries:

1.Pick Golden Star Ferries (where possible).

We have travelled with most of the main Greek ferry companies over the last few years. Yet we did not understand the significance of picking a specific ferry company to receive best value for money, to avoid seasickness and to experience a pleasant journey on a clean and modern vessel. 

While previously taking trips with Blue Star Ferries, Fast Ferries, Minoanian Lines and Seajets we quickly found out that there is one ferry company that stands out heads and shoulders above the rest, and that is Golden Star Ferries. Besides having the most comfortable seating, friendliest staff, and most reliable service, they were also the most luxurious ferry in terms of on-board facilities and seating arrangements.

2. Not all ferries charge the same for the same distance trips.

Shop around using the ferryhopper application to find the cheapest trip and the most convenient ones. We highly recommend Ferryhopper as this will enable you to have your boarding pass on your phone. You can also track the position of your ferry on the day of your trip. 

Our first trip from Ravina port in Athens to Andros was with Golden Star’s Superferry. This trip only took two hours at a cost of only 25 euros per person and our trip from Andros to Mykonos was just over two hours (2 hours and 20 minutes) and was only 21 euros per person. Yet, our trip from Syros to Tinos with Blue Star Ferries’ Blue Star Paros vessel cost 23 euros for a 35-minute trip, while our Seajets’ Superrunner Jet trip cost 53 euros per person for a two-hour and 45-minute trip to Piraeus port in Athens.

3. Do not worry about having a dedicated seat with a pre-booked number.

None of our trips on Golden Star Superferry had a seat number, which was ideal because we could sit wherever we wanted. On the other hand, our trips with Golden Star’s Superexpress (a fast ferry) and Blue Star Ferries had dedicated seat numbers (the layout is much like on an aeroplane) which was not easy to find, and the unfriendly staff member on Blue Star Ferries did not make our task any easier. 

4. Stay connected while en route to your destination.

We needed to catch up on work and therefore bought a Wi-Fi voucher for only 3.5 euros from the boutique of the Golden Star’s Superferry. The Wi-Fi code is valid for three hours and provides a very strong connection.

5. Make sure you check in online before your trip to receive your boarding pass.

The person checking us in on Blue Star Ferries was very irritated and annoyed with us because we did not understand how to get our boarding passes even though we showed him our reference numbers on our phone. He just insisted that we buy another ticket if we cannot show him our bookings.

6. Before booking a ferry, find out if the one you intend to book transports cars.

Usually, the easiest way to ensure a pleasant and comfortable ferry trip is to find out if cars are transported on the vessels. Moreover, the bigger the vessels are the less likely they are to ‘rock and roll’ and causing you to experience seasickness. 

All the ferries we took during our June to July Greece trip offered transport facilities for cars.

Rental cars in Greece

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As in almost all other countries we visit, we also use Check24 in Greece to find the best deals.

Activities on the Greek islands

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Golden Star Ferries not only delighted us by giving us an unforgettable, stress-free trip but they also ensured that we could board and disembark the ship well in time without fearing being left behind. Please keep in mind that we travelled just before high season and that our experiences may be related to the time of year that we travelled. You may have a completely different experience during peak season.

This article provides our honest and true reflection of our experiences with Golden Star Ferries. In no way were we compensated to write this article by any person or company named in it.   

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