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Welcome to our luxury travel blog, where we aim to make luxury travel accessible to you and share meaningful travel-related content with our audiences

Our articles feature luxury hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, self-catering villas, exclusive game lodges and much more.

We launched our travel blog website in April 2022. 

We encourage readers to subscribe to our blog to ensure they receive weekly notifications when new articles are published. These notifications include valuable secret discount codes that we have negotiated with our travel partners and other service providers. All our travel articles are published in English and German.

Analytics of our Travel Buddies Lifestyle travel blog

Considering our website is almost two years old, we are delighted to have close to 450 subscribers to our travel blog that receive our monthly newsletter. 

Even more amazing is that we currently (April 2024) have, on average, in access of 6000 visitors and 8500 views monthly

This is significantly increasing month after month. For example, in January 2023, we had 1686 views and 1062 visitors; compared to November 2023, we had 4282 views and 3268 visitors.

In December of 2023, we reached 6372 views in just over three weeks on our article “Where to see the best Christmas lights in Johannesburg and Pretoria” .

During December 2023, the Travel Buddies Lifestyle received a staggering 8054 Visitors and 10 070 views.

Our most popular pages are our hotel reviews, followed by the ‘about us’ and collaborations pages. 

The most popular articles on our website are: “The Shocking Truth about Greek Ferries”, “Is it worth visiting South Africa?” followed by “How to do a self-drive from Johannesburg to Kruger”, and “What to know before planning a trip to the Kruger National Park”.

Travel Buddies Lifestyle analytics in December Monthly Stats for the year 2023
Travel Buddies Lifestyle analytics December 2023 Monthly Stats for the year 2023

Why you should advertise on our website?

We promote your hotel on our website through well-composed texts and visual content to share our experiences during our stay.

Our website is visually appealing and well-designed to attract new audiences and give subscribers regular travel-related content. 

A featured blog on our website promotes your hotel through explicit links to your website.

A blurb (a short description of a product or service for promotion) on our landing page is an excellent way to introduce unique products or services to our audiences for a specified period.

We also have advertising space available on our blogs. See the example below (Vuna coffee).

Travel Buddies Lifestyle analytics December 2023 Daily Stats
Travel Buddies Lifestyle analytics December 2023 Daily Stats
An example of our blog article adverts

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