Travel Journalists: Travel Buddies Lifestyle's successful collaborations

As travel journalists and content creators, we are proud to have partnered with more than 30 brands, which include local and international hotels, boutique hotels, guest lodges and safari lodges. We participated in several press tour collaborations for cities around the globe. 

With Bernie’s background in marketing and academic writing and Petra’s blog writing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and translation skills, we will give your brand the exposure it deserves through well-planned collaborations! 

Our passion for unique travel destinations and storytelling (through captivating visuals) enable our audiences to travel through our eyes. Moreover, our experience and flair in working alongside high-end establishments translate into solid marketing strategies that fuse organic reach with exclusive social media content — a non-negotiable goal for organisations looking for growth in their marketing campaigns.

Travel buddies lifestyle's collaboration partners

How to contact us for a travel collaboration?

Please visit our Instagram page, Travelbuddies_lifestyle, to familiarise yourself with our recent travel content, collaborations and the style of social media content that we can create for you. In particular, visit our many highlights on our Instagram page.

Contact us by email or Instagram Direct Message (DM), for hotel reviews, brand promotions, and marketing growth strategies. We are keen to collaborate with you and give your brand the exposure it deserves!

Your Travel Buddies

Bernie (from South Africa) and Petra (from Germany). 

Some of our most successful collaborations

An example of our blog article adverts