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We are Travel Buddies Lifestyle, Bernie and Petra. Although we have a presence on several platforms our primary social media page is Instragam. Our Instagram profile name is @travelbuddies_lifestyle 

Here, we share with our audiences when we publish new articles on our travel website. We also introduce our readers to unique destinations and roads less travelled through our Instagram stories and posts.

Connect with Us!

We love hearing from our travel community. Join us on our social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (new), TikTok (new) and Pinterest) for daily travel inspiration and current stories as we travel the world.

Let’s embark on exciting travel adventures together.

Why you should collaborate with Travel Buddies Lifestyle?

Tourism boards, hotels, and public relations organisations are consulting us to educate audiences and pique travellers’ curiosity about new destinations, unique hotels, brands and services.

We can successfully promote your establishment because we are closely connected to our audiences; we understand their preferences and know exactly how and when they want to engage.

We invite you to trust us with your marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of following TBL (for our audiences)

We aim to share our love for our continents, Europe (Petra), and Africa (Bernie), and other unique destinations with our audiences.

What are the benefits of following the Travel Buddies Lifestyle:

  • Our readers use our promotional codes to receive discounts from our exclusive hotel partners.
  • Our readers gain access to luxury and unique destinations.
  • We introduce our readers to lesser-known destinations that offer excellent value for money and are guaranteed to leave them breathless.
  • We share Pro Tips: Each article has a pro tip to ensure our readers don’t pay school fees simply because they don’t know better.
  • From charming villages in Germany to luxury city escapes or customised safari adventures, we pick the best of the best!
  • We publish meaningful articles for our discerning travel community.
  • We write reviews for luxury hotels that are within your budget with our discount codes. We tell our readers everything they need to know to have a memorable stay.
  • Our ‘Top 10’ Star Series: Brace yourself for the ultimate travel list! We carefully curate top picks in various categories, from luxury hotels to charming guest houses, cabin mountain stays or boutique hotels. 
  • We regularly negotiate Exclusive Deals for our readers. 

How we promote your hotel, resort, boutique hotel, villa or game lodge?

We assist you in transforming your Instagram profile page to enhance your social media presence. We help you grow your presence by creating exclusive content about your hotel through our various platforms.

How do we do it?

We created a close community of loyal Instagram followers and travel blog visitors who are eager to learn about new and exciting destinations.

We contribute to the growth of your Instagram page by featuring your establishment on our fast-growing Instagram page and travel blog with phenomenal reach, engagement rates and visitor statistics.

We create content that is trustworthy and authentic because we adhere to strict journalistic guidelines.

How can we collaborate with you?

We are keen to collaborate with you in the following ways:

  • You may wish to participate in a product test. This is a good idea for new travel-related items you wish to promote on our social pages and website.
  • You may wish to collaborate in a giveaway for a weekend stay at your hotel (specified terms and conditions to be agreed upon). 
  • You may wish to collaborate with us by providing a hosted stay. 
  • We are willing to be brand ambassadors for your travel-related products or services.
  • We are excited to compile a hotel review for you. We provide direct links to your website.
  • All our posts and stories include well-sourced hashtags to increase your reach and exposure.

Please send inquiries to or  to receive our media kit with rates.

Key Statistics* for Travel Buddies Lifestyle's Instagram Page

  • We have 15.6k followers on our page (April 2024)
  • We received more than 120k total likes to date
  • We post almost daily to ensure consistency. We shared 901 posts (16 April 2024)
  • Our engagement rate fluctuates, depending on the time of the year, but remains between 6.5 and 9%
  • We receive, on average, between 500 and 600 likes per post.
  • The post with the most likes was taken in Monaco and posted on 15 August 2022. It received 1324 likes.
  • We receive, on average, 167 comments per post.

*All stats can be verified on and our Instagram page.

Even though we have the most significant footprint in Africa and Europe (because we represent these two continents), we also have a substantial following in other countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.


  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • The United States
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Mauritius
  • Netherland
  • Thailand
  • France

Regular “clean-ups” on our Instagram page (@trvalebuddies_lifetyle) to remove inactive followers ensure that we have an engaged and thriving audience and readership.

Our Instagram profile reaches, on average, 40 100 accounts monthly, of which 36 900 are non-followers * this number fluctuates (depending on the time of year.

Travelbuddieslifestyle Instagram profile page
Travelbuddieslifestyle Instagram profile page May 2024
Travelbuddieslifestyle Instagram Insights
Travelbuddieslifestyle Instagram Insights May 2024

Our Instagram reach from posts

Below is an excerpt from our Instagram page’s highest post reach (period (6 August to 6 February 2023) 

We achieved the highest post reach with our Monaco photo, which had 17,400 views, and the lowest post reach of 1408 (Bernie arriving in Santorini). 

Our top nine Instagram posts with the highest reach
Our top nine Instagram posts with the highest reach
Our top Instagram posts' reach from 10 to 18
Our top Instagram posts' reach from 10 to 18
Travel Buddies Lifestyle's top Instagram reach from 19 to 27
Travel Buddies Lifestyle's top Instagram reach from 19 to 27

Travel Buddies Lifestyle's Instagram interactions from posts

Our top posts have had the highest interactions for the last six months period (6 August to 6 February 2023). Interactions include likes, comments and saves. 

Our post with the highest interaction is the one in which we announced that we have been featured in the September 2022 issue of Woman & Home magazine. This photo received 1806 interactions, 486 comments, and 1296 likes. Interestingly, this post also had 163 profile visits.

Comments on our Instagram Posts

Our top post for the period (the feature article in Woman & Home) received 468 comments. We pride ourselves on having a very engaged audience who enjoy commenting on our posts and responding to the questions asked in the post taglines.

In 2024, we receive, on average, 160 comments per post.

Bernie van der Linde content creator for Travel Buddies Lifestyle
Bernie at La Pirogue, Mauritius
Statistics of Instagram photo shared about Bernie's holiday at La Pirogue
Statistics of Instagram photo shared about Bernie's holiday at La Pirogue

We are experts in selecting the right hashtags (#) for posts.

This photo of Bernie at La Pirogue, posted on February 3rd, had not only an excellent reach but also a phenomenal hashtag count of 4795.

We featured in magazines

We were featured in the September 2022 and again in the August 2023 (digital magazine) issue of Women & Home, South Africa. In the travel section on pages 118 to 121, you can read about “How best friends took on the world and the ‘gram”. 

We are delighted with the beautiful “Travel influencers at 50-something” article. 

Travelbuddies at Women&Home Magazine
Travelbuddies at Women&Home Magazine
Travelbuddies at Women&Home Magazine
Travelbuddies at Women&Home Magazine
Travelbuddies at Women&Home Magazine

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